Unparallel Worlds - Alisa Jeruconoka

Unparallel Worlds

By Alisa Jeruconoka

  • Release Date: 2012-02-04
  • Genre: Epic
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Unparallel Worlds Alisa Jeruconoka ebook - epub

The Slave and the Portal Gurvo shouted, another cut another scar on his oversized hand. This terrain was rough and dangerous. Not even the fat sucking Zancri wanted to leave here because there was no creature to feed on but Gurvo had heard that there were other predators here but he was sure this was a myth. Gurvo was a slave, a slave of Zalion, The King of Darkness. He was on his daily task of collecting poisonous plants that his master needed to fuel the laboratory where he carried out experiments on living subjects. Gurvo was lucky that he was not one of these experiments but a lowly slave that had some use. Gurvo was lucky to be built as a climber; he had oversized strong hands and feet with nails that curled over like claws to help grip the rock. Gurvo looked up; there was only a hundred meters or so to climb before he got to this secret place. The trip had taken eight hours but no one would be missing him in his eighteen hours shift. If this plant truly existed and Gurvo found the largest of its species then his master would be happy and give him a day off. Gurvo wanted this day off for he had fallen in love with Scabga, the most beautiful girl working at mud bug inn, his local hang out. Scabga with her knotted hair, bearded chin, squat legs and un-evenly long arms had agreed to go out with him as long as he took her to muck river for the day to swim and Gurvo was determined to do this. Gurvo shouted. For the second time this day Gurvo had cut his hand on another razor sharp rock edge, this would leave a bigger scar than the first. Gurvo quickly licked the dark foamy blood from his wound making sure any nourishment was not wasted. As he did so he realised looking up that he had also reached the place he was seeking. But today it was something wrong. The ground started to shake and then, before he realised, it opened up in front of him and he fell down… Gurvo slowly opened his eyes and then closed them again. A bright light unpleasantly irritated his eyes. He had never seen the light not where he lived in the Kingdom of Darkness. When his eyes adjusted to the light he saw…he saw this horrible creature with long golden hair and glowing skin without hair. Gurvo thought that this poor creature didn’t have oversized hands and feet to survive.... Aurelia, the Princess of Light, couldn’t get rid of the unpleasant feeling that somebody was watching her. The branch cracked and then she saw its inhuman eyes staring at her, first curious, then intrusive, then wanting...

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