Sweet Little Memories - Abbi Glines

Sweet Little Memories

By Abbi Glines

  • Release Date: 2017-11-16
  • Genre: New Adult
Our rating: 5/5 stars

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 251 Ratings)

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Sweet Little Memories Abbi Glines ebook - epub

Book #3 in the Sweet Little Series. Trusting again and facing the lies that had surrounded her entire life, Beulah is ready to move on. Love and enjoy the man she’s found happiness with. When the past comes back yet again with one last skeleton in the closet.

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  • Not Good

    By HudsonReader
    Couldn't wait for this book to end. Too many typos and inconsistent characters. Pease respect paying readers and fix the typos, there are A LOT! The ending was extremely rushed like the author had bigger plans for the plot but ended up running out of steam or time. The main character was not a good role model at all. She just needed constant saving from the male characters. This will be the last book I read from this author.
  • I mean....

    By LRN01
    What was this? This could have been a strong book. Nowhere near the rosemary beach series, so to claim that it was “better” than Rush and Blair? Why? I really liked the characters, and the story line was great and was going somewhere, but then it was just constant let downs. Everything was rushed.. the ending wasn’t captivating in the least. I feel like I wasted my time. Basically it was a really sweet and sexy short story that you find online all the time. Wasn’t worth 12 dollars for the whole series that’s for sure. I just don’t understand why rush a book that could have potentially been really good. I did Like it, and obviously read all 3, but I was just really disappointed in how the series played out with unanswered questions and was ridiculously rushed. I don’t know. Could have been better.
  • Hard time...

    By ccsteward
    The characters continue to be fun and rich within a story that is average. However, the editing is abysmal. No book should be published with said sloppiness.
  • Great story!

    By sis1025
    I enjoyed reading all three books in this series. And the epilogue in this book was fantastic!
  • My hands hurt

    By Mrs Leach
    Just like every other story Abbi Glines has written, I couldn’t put the book down until it was finished. I just wish there was more to read...
  • Excellent as always

    By StudioCity42
    Loved the entire series.
  • Great book

    By trustme90
    Loved the series. This was an up all night read for me. I had some unanswered questions with Stone’s history that left me feeling slightly less than satisfied but the series was great nonetheless. I’m a rather new Glines fan but I can’t seem to get enough!
  • Sweet little series

    By Jnickole123
    I absolutely loved it!! I love Abbi and all of her books. This series had me so emotional, I'm so happy with the ending, I hope jasper gets a story one day!
  • To a great writer

    By joanna.perez
    I love it !! I love your work ! I read all your books and every single one is the best ! I hope you keep writing many more because how I am going to survive.
  • An episode of Dr Phil

    By rayktay
    This story had way too many side stories, and the main subject changes completely from one book to another. I’m probably being too vague, but this story just wasn’t great. Not a romance, more like an episode of Dr Phil.

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