The Cambria Code Trilogy - S. M. Schmitz

The Cambria Code Trilogy

By S. M. Schmitz

  • Release Date: 2017-03-04
  • Genre: Paranormal
Our rating: 5/5 stars

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The Cambria Code Trilogy S. M. Schmitz ebook - epub

All three books of this science-fiction romance trilogy in one box set!

Discovering we're not alone in the universe can be a blessing and a curse.

When a mysterious spaceship appears above Cambria, Zoe remains skeptical that it’s anything but an elaborate hoax. By the time the first spaceship is joined by two others, Zoe finally admits that Earth has been invaded, even though it’s a pretty lame invasion: The aliens look remarkably human and keep to themselves. From what reporters are able to learn about them, they seem incredibly arrogant and boring anyway.

When Zoe meets Peyton, the Security Chief for Earth's newest residents, her opinion of them finally begins to shift, although she is reluctant to become involved with someone who isn’t even human. But she soon discovers that these aliens are far more dangerous than they’ve led everyone to believe, and the secrets they are hiding may signal the destruction of her entire planet. 

Includes Peyton's Myth, Peyton's Promise, and Peyton's Light

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  • The Cambria CodeTrilogy

    By Lindaktys
    An interesting trilogy. The first book introduces the Alien race coming to earth. Are they evil or to good to be true? Zoe the main character isn’t sure but she is drawn to Peyton the alien as he is to her. On the space ship he is torn between her and his duty. She finds another man who loves her but doesn’t make her heart zing. On a new planet and the second book Zoe and peyton renew their feelings. They are teamed to hunt the bad alien who have destroyed earth and try to ruin Cambria. Hard to kill but zoe manages through human stubborness. Back to Earth to save the few earthlings alive and the third book. Characters are well developed. An interesting read!

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