Ontology - Jorge Luis Bazán Morante


By Jorge Luis Bazán Morante

  • Release Date: 2015-10-27
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
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Ontology Jorge Luis Bazán Morante ebook - epub

There may be a time in life when we question ourselves about the existence of a being responsible for the creation, and we feel motivated to ask questions about our existence and its purpose. Who are we? Where do we come from? Does God really exist? What is the soul and how is it different from the spirit? What is reincarnation? Is it possible? What do we have to do to be happy? How can we overcome suffering? What are the virtues and its usage? Is it important to know the answer to these and other questions, queries that the human being has tried to answer for a long time. Here, we offer reasoning about the answers to these and other interrogatives. This book is a guide to facilitate the understanding of life challenges and, hence, to live better and happier by developing our soul to grow in love. The explanation here within is based on a research using a logical process, complemented with information obtained throughout the history of humanity as well as self-experiences. We invite the reader to introduce himself into this subject and to answer his questions to satisfy his metaphysic-psychological needs. There are endless publications on this subject; books like this one, which only targets to provide help and that, equally to this one, they only have the humble interest on achieving human well-being and happiness. We hope that you enjoy it and that you find in it a path to improve your life and the life of those that surround you.

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